Of Gold Fish, Teenage Youtube stars and Telling your story

Wednesday night at the Courtyard Marriott Embassy Row, Christine Wilson, CEO of MtoM Consulting delivered a brief but fascinating overview of social media and its importance to an organization’s overal marketing strategy.  

She kicked off the presentation with a video by Erik Qualman showcasing the power of social media and mobile by delivering facts and figures at break-neck speed.  Suffice to say that it raised quite a few eyebrows in the audience.  Gold fish have a longer attention span than the average person?  Yes, watch the video.  Perhaps that’s the reason Vines only last about 6 seconds.

Having established that social media presence is no longer optional for any organization, Christine explained how her firm has tripled in size in only a handful of years by focusing on the things it does well: digital marketing through social media.

It’s impossible to convey everything we heard that evening, but here are just a few things I learned:

  • How her firm currently recommends advertising on Facebook as a cost effective way to drive traffic to your web site
  • There are teenage Youtube celebrities who, at a hefty price tag, can be commissioned to make you a video 
  • These same teenagers are only one kind of social media star (can you say professional athletes?) that can be hired as influencers to, well, influence buyers
  • The importance of telling your company’s story and they story of your employees, rather than merely peddling product

Fascinating presentation, Christine!  Thanks to you and to all who attended.