Photo  by PreciousBytes /  CC BY

Photo by PreciousBytes / CC BY


NACCWM is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political member based networking organization for Dutch and American businesses and individuals. The NACCWM en-courages and facilitates the transaction of business between both countries and promotes the interests of its members.

The aim of the NACCWM is to make the ties between the Netherlands and the Washing-ton Metro area business community even stronger through our services, events, speaker series, local company tours and other networking events.


Our goals include:

  • Supply our members with useful information on current topics like visas, health care, TTIP and other subjects relevant to business between the The Netherlands & the United States
  • Facilitate networking between members and beyond
  • Cooperate with governmental and private organizations as well as other trade as-sociations that pursue similar goals
  • Reflect the diverse economy of the region by including large corporations as well as small and medium sized enterprises from a wide range of industries, including  Information Technology, Biotechnology, Financial Services, Hospitality & Tourism as well as Manufacturing, Distributors and Importers/Exporters

If you are an individual or a company working in either The Netherlands or The United States or work for a company that does business with either country you should become a member. There are several memberships available; patron, corporate, small business, individual and young professional.


  • Information: To provide business information to our members.
  • Cooperation: To cooperate with governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations and trade associations that pursue similar goals in the interest of our members. 
  • Resources: To provide access to a pool of multicultural, talented individuals via our network.

Member Directory

Our member directory can be found on LinkedIn here.


Read our bylaws.