William L. Schrader
CEO, Leaseweb USA


Bill Schrader developed his skills, insights and decision-making acumen in a broad scope of endeavors ranging from chemical and nuclear physics labs, parallel supercomputing, global internetworking and software development. His expertise as Chairman and CEO for over 25 years has enabled Schrader to lead groups facing rapidly fluctuating external conditions that presented profound strategic risks to the organizations for which he was responsible. The scale of Schrader’s experience has ranged from private to public, startup to very large, stable to exponential growth, one office to 30 countries, and from economic boom to financial ruin and recovery. In both the growth and the downsizing phases, Schrader successfully led organizations through the analytic processes to establish strategies and execute tactics for successful exits while minimizing risks and providing gain.

Most recently since 2012, Schrader serves as CEO of LeaseWeb USA Inc., a wholly owned sub of a Dutch firm. He is responsible for all company activities in the United States.

Previously, Schrader performed a fast turn-around of Carina Technology in Alabama that operates in the Smart Grid solution sector. Earlier, Schrader co-founded Neutral Net Inc. in 2006, a communications firm partnering with electric utilities and specialized manufacturers to build a fiber-to-the-home system on their rights-of-way.  

Previously, Schrader was recruited as Chairman and CEO of Synchris, a CMS software firm offering enterprise and SaaS service to government contractors. He successfully sold the company in 2008. Schrader also minimized the risk for the investors of NetSilica and Onmark, two software firms, by extracting them gracefully. He has also served on the boards of many technology firms.

For 13 years, (1989 – 2001), Schrader was Chairman, CEO and founder of PSINet Inc. a NASDAQ traded firm that innovated many early Internet services including connectivity, hosting, fiber ownership and e-commerce. Under his leadership, PSINet raised billions of dollars in public equity and debt, operated fiber systems on five continents serving 30 countries, employed 10,000 people, and produced $2 billion in annualized revenue after growing at 100% per year for a decade.

Early in his career, Schrader helped lead the creation of supercomputer centers at Syracuse University and Cornell University, and the infrastructure for five national government networks. He co-founded and helped build NYSERNet and was administrative manager for the Cornell Laboratory of Nuclear Studies.

In the course of his career, Schrader helped found three Internet industry associations, served as a Congressional Commissioner, testified before House and Senate committees, spoke numerous times on national news programs, delivered keynote speeches at major conferences worldwide and advised several government agencies.